Teens & Adults

Our teen and adult WCWMA Martial Arts classes provide a comprehensive course of multi-styles of martial arts. You will learn stand up striking of American Kick Boxing, dynamic Tae Kwon Do Kicking, Grappling, Ground Fighting Techniques, Weapons Training and Filipino Stick Fighting.

The Ernie Reyes’ system of martial arts is the state of the art training. Our WCWMA Martial Arts system is noted throughout the world for developing well-rounded, versatile martial students that can adapt to any style of martial arts training! Now is the time to bring out the best in you!

Benefits of WCWMA Martial Arts

  • Practical self-defense techniques

  • Classes are dynamic and engaging

  • Integrated lessons of respect, discipline, and focus.

  • Improve physical fitness, muscular endurance, and flexibility

  • A family orientated learning environment!


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