Martial arts program for the entire family!


Kids & Teens Programs

WCWMA marital arts system is a mixed and unique blending of traditional and modern day martial arts, that offers you not only an effective self-defense program and fitness, but a means for personal development and character development.  Your child will learn focus, concentration and discipline that will lead to success in every area of their life!

Adult Programs

Our adult classes provide a comprehensive course of multiple styles of martial arts. You will learn stand up striking of Kick Boxing, American Boxing, dynamic Tae Kwon Do Kicking, Jiu-Jitsu, Weapon Training from Japan, China, and the Stick and Knife Fighting from the Philippines!


Parent Testimony!

“My son has gained a lot of experience in a short amount of time, not only with martial arts, but with character qualities like discipline and focus. The instructors are really terrific and truly show their concern for the kids’ growth.”

- Arzee Norwood


WCWMA School Values

“We strive to instill the value of constant and never-ending improvement in all aspects of training and life.”

-KJN Truong Nguyen
Head Instructor